Rebeka Čilović: Daydream

Album for the Displaced


I dream a strange dream
Do you remember it my child
I remember it and I hear
Whom my son
The caravans
And a black horse
And a whip that enrages them
Oh Mother
And unsaddled
Runs through the desert
And when a Bedouin stops
To drink water from
The well
Light as a feather
I sneak up on the chest
And open the presents
What do you see my son
A word

Translated by Dijana Taylor

Rebeka Čilović (Berane,1988), published a collection of short stories Freedom in a Letter, collections  of poetry Bells of Boldness and Album for the Displaced. Her works have been published in a anthologies, literary journals, and portals. Her poems are part of the anthology The Poetesses of Montenegro which recently appeared in the edition by Bijelopolje Ratković's Nights of Poetry. Rebeka Čilović is a graduated lawyer, living and creating in Berane.